In January 2004, the Metro-Atlanta Alumni Chapter of Florida A&M University hosted a social mixer and fundraiser event and invited other HBCU alumni chapters to participate. In addition to promoting fellowship and fun, the event presented an opportunity to recruit new members for their individual chapters. The participation of chapters at this inaugural event was low; however, it generated enough excitement amongst the chapter members to prompt the creation of the Atlanta HBCU Alumni Alliance (AHBCUAA).

During the first meeting, HBCU graduates brainstormed on how chapters can formally collaborate and work collectively as a critical mass to host fundraising events that one chapter couldn’t successfully execute on its own. Over time, the combined efforts grew to include community service efforts consistent with our mutual purpose of benefiting students and contributing to higher education.

In January 2012, several HBCU alums proposed to start an Alumni Alliance in the Washington, DC metro area. With the assistance of the Atlanta HBCU Alumni Alliance (AHBCUAA) and soliciting support from other HBCUs alumni chapters in the Washington, DC metro area, there was overwhelming enthusiasm among the alumni chapters of the Washington, DC area. After working with area alumni chapters in many planning meetings to organize the Alumni Alliance, the Washington, D.C. Metro HBCU Alumni Alliance was officially incorporated June 6, 2012 in the District of Columbia.